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Best Practices for Winning Aggregator Leads

Customer Spotlight: Solstice Senior Living

After WelcomeHome implementation, Solstice Senior Living was able to identity aggregator leads and create a successful lead strategy.

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Industry Background

Aggregators are one of the primary lead sources in todays senior living landscape, but these leads are hard to win. Very few move in and the ones that do move in typically stay for less than a year.


Industry Background
Solstice Senior Living

Customer Challenge

Solstice Senior Living has 30+ communities serving more than 4,000 residents across the United States.

Solstice has had record lead volume since 2022, with ~50% of those leads coming from aggregators. As a result, sales teams are overwhelmed, fighting to win a prospect considering many options or may not be the right fit. With so many leads, high-quality work can fall through the cracks.

Updating Strategy

To win over these highly competitive leads, Solstice Senior Living needed to narrow the pool, and balance the speed of outreach with high-quality, consistent interactions and strong follow-up.

Updating Strategy
Cristy Ballard
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“As an industry, we’ve obsessed over speed to lead and slamming prospects with generic email, generic voice messages, generic marketing campaign content to win them over. Then we go days without any attempts at all , and then close leads due to ’unresponsive.’ That doesn’t work.”


-Cristy Ballard

SVP of Sales and Marketing at Solstice Senior Living

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