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Welcome to the latest benchmark report! Learn about the key trends that shaped Q1 of 2024, the observed traits of the most successful communities, and the valuable information you can use to navigate the rest of 2024.

Q1 at a Glance


Industry average occupancy is holding steady from Q4, ending with 82% industry occupancy in March; 50% of communities across WelcomeHome's data set are above 85% occupancy in Q1.


Occupancy changes from Q4 were felt differently by care type, with gains from Q4 for AL (78.3%) and AL, IL (82.9%) communities. IL (86.2%) continues to maintain highest occupancy levels.

All regions saw gains in occupancy over Q4, with the exception of the South (79.8%). The Northeast (86.6%) retains the top occupancy position.

Despite lower lead, tour, and move in volume over same time last year across the industry, conversions are on the rise over same time last year.


Data on texts unveils that the channel is growing in adoption among WelcomeHome customers, but adoption alone doesn’t mean success. Timing of texts and response speeds are key!

Data that Drives Results

Our Customer Insights Team is excited to share key takeaways from this past quarter using aggregated data from more than 2,000 communities using WelcomeHome. 

Featuring insights on occupancy, sales funnel & conversions, sales cycle & activities, and detailed text analysis in the following segments of the Senior Living Industry:

  • IL
    Independent Living
  • AL
    Assisted Living
  • mc
    Memory Care
Maggie Seybold, VP of Customer Insughts

Maggie Seybold, VP of Customer Insights

Why Texting Matters

Texts are more important than ever as technology-capable boomers and their children begin their senior living sales journeys in 2024.

+ Texts messaging increase by over 15% in Q1 2024 vs. Q1 2023.

+ Texts reach prospects more directly, allowing instant and convenient communication.

+ Prospects only respond with a ‘stop’ or ‘unsubscribe’ message <1% of the time. 

+ Median days to tour for prospects contacted in less than an hour is 20% faster for those initially contacted by text than email.

+ Texts are also more likely to convert a prospect to tour than email, with the strongest effects in the first 2 hours of inquiry.

made easy. made for you.

At WelcomeHome, we have made it our mission since Day One to provide you, the senior living stakeholders, with the best possible experience.

We deliver on this mission in three ways:

  • the most innovative, easiest to use CRM,
  • white glove support as your partner vs your vendor, and
  • actionable insights mined from industry data.

Trusted by thousands of Senior Living communities.

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