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Benchmark Report: Q3'2023

We are excited to share our latest benchmark report! Learn about the key trends that shaped Q3 of 2023, the observed traits of the most successful communities, and the valuable information you can use to navigate the rest of 2023.

A CRM That Senior Living Operators Rely On

Senior living communities across the country continue to outperform the market by trusting & relying on WelcomeHome's CRM. Our mission is simple - we aim to improve the sales & marketing performance of our clients.

To showcase our efforts, we aggregate data from our customers every quarter to help update our key benchmarks surrounding metrics like tour ratio, move-in ratio, & close ratio.

The results are always changing & are outstanding!

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The Game-Changing Sales Experience

WelcomeHome is a CRM that is built specifically for Senior Living. With its intuitive user interface, recommendation engine, and clear workflows, WelcomeHome CRM is a game changer for both users in the community and owner/operators.

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Increase your team’s efficiency so they can spend time on what matters most. Our automation tools include a virtual sales assistant, tasks & reminders, virtual standup board, auto-responders, and auto-logging.

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WelcomeHome works with your existing marketing, sales, & operations processes. Everything is customizable from dashboards, sales stages, communication templates, terminology, and even the knowledge center.

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WelcomeHome works with all of your existing 3rd party billing & health management along with your existing marketing systems. It has integrated email, texting, Zoom, and calling tools and works seamlessly with your calendar.

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WelcomeHome lets you track and report on occupancy, move-in/move-out, activity reporting, goal tracking, lead analysis, and KPI reporting. We'll even email these reports to you on a regular basis.

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Mobile Use

WelcomeHome is cloud-based and can be accessed anywhere. Never miss an important notification with our full-featured iOS and Android mobile applications.

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Our user-friendly interface offers a simple and intuitive design for easy user navigation. Whether you're a sales director or an owner, WelcomeHome is for you.

Our Client's Results

Significant Increase
in Efficiency

On average, 6 hours of work have been saved per user per week while using WelcomeHome.

Tangible Sales

Many customers have seen over a 12% improvement in customer conversion after switching to WelcomeHome.

Increased Outbound
Sales Productivity

Communities have seen over a 175% increase in outbound sales activity after transitioning to WelcomeHome.


All users are fully trained and utilizing WelcomeHome within 30 days. That's a guarantee!

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Designed to make senior living operators’ lives easier.

Your job is hard enough. We’re here to help.
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